Simple search:
  • Choose the search key for your inquiry in the left-hand field. The standard pre-set is “All Words” resulting in a search covering all indexed data fields.
  • Enter the search term into the right-hand searchfield (capital or small letters is irrelevant).
  • If you wish to increase the number of hits you may include tables of contents of monographs and multi-author works into your search. For this, please tick the checkbox right of the input field.
  • Words can be combined with Boolean operators for example “(Geodäsie OR Vermessung) AND Kartographie” finds titles containing “Geodäsie” or “Vermessung” together with the word “Kartographie”.
  • If you do not choose an operator your words will be automatically combined with the operator AND.
  • For a string search, e.g. topographic map, please use quotation marks (“topographic map”). In this case military topographic map would also be found, whereas topographic index map would not be found.
  • Use * as wildcard operator to replace a random number of characters. Entering “kart*” will find “Karte”, “Kartierung”, “kartographisch” etc.
  • Articles (the, der, ein, a, le, il etc.) are not to be used except in a string search.
  • When searching names it is advisable to use * as wildcard operator: “meier, h*”.
Advanced search:
  • Basic principles of the simple search apply to complex search operations as well.
  • Complete as many lines as necessary. Filling in more than one line refines your search.
  • To modify the combination of search terms of the relevant lines choose the respective Boolean operator in the left-hand field (standard pre-selection: AND).
  • If necessary change the pre-selected search terms by using the drop-down menu.
  • Restrict your search for example by year of publication (“1998”) or period of publication (“1998-2001”).
  • A standard search covers print and electronic media. If you tick the radio button “nur elektronische Medien” you exclude print media. When you tick “ohne elektronische Medien” only print media are searched for.
  • Special types of documents (e.g. essays, monographic publications) can be either searched or excluded from the search by choosing the relevant checkbox.
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